Getting your Business Ready for a Sale

If you are planning to sell your company in the next 2 - 5 years, now is the time to get it ready. We will help you to ideally position your company for a sale.

What Drives Business Value for a Sale?

  • Owner's independence from the business
  • Streamlined and sound business processes
  • Increasing revenues and profits
  • Proper financial reporting

Increase your Company's Chance of a Successful Sale

  • Prepare 2 - 5 years in advance of your desired exit date
  • Ensure "ownership" of customer and supplier relationships
  • Groom key employees within the business for continuity after the sale
  • Understand and address the specific risks to your business
  • Understand and optimize the advantages of your business
  • Document processes and policies in preparation for the due diligence part of the sale process
  • Increase efficiencies: create and implement a business strategy that streamlines processes and optimizes synergies
  • Minimize your company's dependence on you

The services we offer include:

  • Business strategy plans
  • Financial analysis
  • Organization structure for finance and ownership
  • Leadership plans
  • Process improvements and efficiencies
  • Management of key employee relationships
  • Sales and marketing plans to increase revenue and company value
  • Plans to minimize taxes upon the sale

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