Buying A Business

Buying a business can have a significant impact on your company even in the short term. We can manage the acquisition, including the valuation and bidding process. Having been on the other side, we know what considerations the seller will have. Our experienced team will maximize the chances of winning the bid and closing the deal. Our team will also recommend when to walk away; overpaying for a deal will impact your bottom line for years to come.

Coldwater Corporate Finance can also provide post-acquisition services to ensure the first 100 days go as smoothly as possible.

As part of the buy-side process, we can:

  • Help you identify buying objectives, including target location.
  • Identify potential acquisition targets.
  • Conduct a valuation of the target firm.
  • Advise on and execute financial structuring.
  • Negotiate the terms of the acquisition.
  • Advise when to walk away from the deal, if needed.
  • Provide due diligence guidance and support, and ensure the process is complete and thorough.
  • Paper closing the deal.
  • Complete a post-close integration plan.

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