Isaac Akselrod

Isaac Akselrod

Financial Analyst


Isaac is finishing up at DeGroote School of Business, pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce with a specialization in Finance. This past summer, Isaac completed a 16-week internship within the Finance Department of McMaster University, supporting strategic accounting functions. Having taken courses with the Marquee Group, Isaac has gained fundamental financial modelling and valuation skills, adding to his financial skillset.

Isaac is a member of two clubs: the DeGroote Finance & Investment Council and Mac AI Ventures. On the DeGroote Finance & Investment Council, he continues to fine tune his expertise by building financial models, creating stock pitches, and generating investing theses while helping manage a $100k fund provided by Fidelity Investments. On Mac AI Ventures, Isaac leads a team of consultants to deliver pro-bono valuation and consulting services to start-ups in the Hamilton Region. A well rounded individual, Isaac is often found at the gym, hiking, or playing pond hockey in the winter.

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