Jeffrey Howson

Jeffrey Howson

Financial Analyst


Jeffrey is in his second year at the DeGroote School of Business, studying commerce with a minor in economics. He is a motivated and hardworking self-starter with a passion for the financial services industry. Jeffrey began his professional career working in corporate development. As an analyst for a startup company, he has been exposed to the process of attracting suitable investors. Through his education and his work experience, he learned about the significant demands that a growing and changing business requires early in its life cycle.

Currently enrolled in the Financial Modeling and Valuation Analyst (FMVA) course issued by the Corporate Finance Institute, Jeffrey continues to develop his strong organizational skills, keen eye for detail and financial skillset. Jeffrey is also a member of two university investment clubs where he enjoys creating stock pitches and developing market research reports. Away from the textbooks and spreadsheets, Jeffrey enjoys spending his free time learning guitar, piano, and playing his friends in chess.

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